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Immersive film

‘The film shows the ‘art of letting grow’ strategy that as the ON-SITE team, we chose to guide as in the process of designing a new TU Delft ECO-campus, through the lenses of species that already live and can grow there. The GROWTH as an immersive representation and illustration, is a film that tries to capture the ambiances, feelings, and experiences that people can perceive in this new landscape, and how the other creatures understand and live in it, Immersive Team Concept and implementation: TU Delft Faculty of Architecture + Built Environment, department of Urbanism, section Landscape Architecture

Movie made by:

Directors: Anouk Sanders Ioanna Kokkona
Editor: Floris Beijer
Sound design & music arrangement: Yann Ninot

ON SITE, Landscape Architectonic Explorations Q4 (2019/20)

Marleine van der Werf, Nico Tillie, Frits van Loon, Saskia de Wit, Pierre Oskam

Students On-site:
Anne Leltz, David Aldana Trujillo, Dimitrios Trompoukis, Emmanouela Maria Armoutaki, Jan Houwelling, Liaw Su Xin, Gary Gilson, KaiLun Qi, Yu Zheng, Anouk Sanders, Jelle Dekker, Loen Sung, Francesca Mazza, Anne Mieke Boerendonk, Farnoosh Bazrafkan, Floris Beijer, Marloes Willemsen, Yayun Gao, Ran Yan, Xinyu He, Pu Jiang, Hanvit Lee, Yann Ninot, Ioanna Kokkona, Huiying Liu, Zhaotun Chen

Funded by:
Urban Ecology TUDelft & Ecocity Builders This film is made within an educational context and not for commercial purposes.
The film contains clips from different sources that are mentioned below. The filmmakers tried to credit the owners of the clips to their best efforts. Please contact us if we failed to credit you in any way.