New Horizons

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New Horizons

In the current situation, the TU campus is still human dominant which means some decisions are only made for human benefits. But concluded from the previous analysis, there is still high potential in biodiversity on the TU Delft campus. 
We want to reconsider the relationship between nature and humans, give more space for nature to boom.

The intention is to create a more coherent and diverse biosystem, which contains several layers in both horizontal and vertical levels. In this vision nature and human society are one. the building may work as the cliff, mountain element in a natural way. By digging and rearrange the soil, the Wet-Dry condition gradually changes from North to South and also East to West. In the valley, every community has its own place/layer.  So, instead of separating humans from nature, humans are simply one of many communities that are shown in the concept drawing. 

To achieve this goal, different toolboxes are created in terms of climate, nature biotope, and also a human experience, to deal with different situations and maximize the biodiversity and optimize human experience.


Farnoosh Bazrafkan
Floris Beijer
Marloes Willemsen
Yayun Gao