Extreme Micro Climates

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Extreme Micro Climates

Our concept is explained in this concept diagram, showing that the 4 elements: peak rainfall, heatwave, extreme winds & shade, will be either used or produced. Existing micro climates will be exaggerated and new ones will be created. Doing so, gradients will occur, highlighting different climate conditions. This will enhance biodiversity and regenerative energy can be produced.

TU Delft envisioned as a circular and resilient ECO-Campus having a drastically varying ecological gradient with micro climates that transform it to a stepping stone for species in the region. Using the elements, we created a toolbox with components to use and produce micro climates. Added to this, is a list of circumstances that will have an effect on different organisms. This way habitats can be created for the entire ecosystem.

To conclude, we created a section where different climates throughout the campus can be seen. We created specific conditions that flow into new ones along gradients. This diversity will create huge opportunities for biodiversity and make regenerative energy possible.


Anne Leltz
Gary Gilson
Ran Yan
Xinyu He