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The documentary is an unconventional medium for the tutors and students of the course Landscape on Site (2020) to communicate their creation and development of the TU Delft campus into an ECO Campus of the future.

Through the guidance of the lecturers and professionals, including Marleine van der Werf (Immersive film) and Steven Poe, the students tell the story about the course evolution and the process that was made during a time of 10 weeks. In addition, the consequences of COVID-19 crisis on the execution of the course are also elaborated. Without physical meetings, the tasks had to be divided, distributed, and communicated clearly amongst the students. Even then, there were still moments of uncertainty and confusion. But quick drafts and active clarifications between us helped us pave the goal.

Regarding the content of the documentary, the diverse groups created an outline concept before creating the required visual photography that synthesizes the film. Immersive films, presentations on zoom, eco-visions, technical drawings, and illustrations of the overall concept of “the art of letting grow” formed the material. These materials were developed despite the challenges of working online and from a distance. Moreover, for the creation of the documentary, students and tutors consulted with stakeholders to be interviewed and share their opinions on our project. The film also includes shots of small interventions, in the context of the concept of “the art of letting grow” that was finally made on campus which is a positive conclusion of the Q4 quarter, considering that landscape on-site was mostly executed on-line.

Produced by:TU Delft 
Edited by: Steven Poe
Concept and implementation: Section Landscape Architecture, Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture + Built Environment-TU Delft

Landscape On-Site, Landscape Architectonic Explorations 2020

Documentary Team:
Anne Leltz, David Aldana Trujillo, Dimitrios Trompoukis, Emmanouela Maria Armoutaki, Jan Houweling, Liaw Su Xin, KaiLun Qi

VR Team:
Anne Mieke, Gary Gilson, Loen Sung

Studio team:
Anne Leltz, David Aldana Trujillo, Dimitrios Trompoukis, Emmanouela Maria Armoutaki, Jan Houwelling, Liaw Su Xin, Gary Gilson, KaiLun Qi, Yu Zheng, Anouk Sanders, Jelle Dekker, Loen Sung, Francesca Mazza, Anne Mieke Boerendonk, Farnoosh Bazrafkan, Floris Beijer, Marloes Willemsen, Yayun Gao, Ran Yan, Xinyu He, Pu Jiang, Hanvit Lee, Yann Ninot, Ioanna Kokkona, Huiying Liu, Zhaotun Chen Tutors: Nico Tillie, Frits van Loon, Saskia de Wit, Pierre Oskam Special thanks: Machiel van Dorst - Head of the department of Urbanism, Rene Hoonhout - Head of maintenance, Maria Hänsch, Campus and Real Estate, Rob Roggema Hanze Hogeschool Groningen Mekelpark footage by Mecanoo Architects.

Funded by:
Urban Ecology TUDelft & Ecocity Builders

This film is made within an educational context and not for commercial purposes.